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Best Pet Camera

Pet Camera: We think you’ll agree with our assumption:

All pet owners wonder what their animals do during the day or worry about their animals being alone.

pet camera
As it turns out, a pet camera is the perfect way to keep an eye on your animals. It allows you to see how your pets are doing while you’re at work, on vacation or running errands. The various camera types let you

see them in real time,
talk or play with them,
give them medications or treats,
calm them when they’re anxious or distressed, or
catch them when they’re misbehaving so that you can correct their behavior.

In our pet camera review, we’ll tell you more about the features that come with pet cams. You’ll also learn why having a pet cam is such a great investment.

Pet cameraCameraUnique Feature
Petcube Play
1080p HDLaser GameAmazon Discount

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Petzi Treat Cam
720p HDTreat DispenserAmazon Discount

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PetChatz Camera
1280p HDTreat DispenserAmazon Discount

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Furbo Dog Camera
720p HDTreat DispenserAmazon Discount

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Kittyo Cat Camera
720p HDCat SpecificAmazon Discount

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Vimtag HD Camera
Amazon Discount

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Piper nv
1920p HDAll in OneAmazon Discount

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Dropcam Pro
720p HDAmazon Discount

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Pawbo Pet Camera
720p HDLaser GameAmazon Discount

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Zmodo Pivot
1080p HD360 degree viewAmazon Discount

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iFamCare Helmet
Air quality sensorAmazon Discount

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Arlo Smart Home
Security Camera

1280P HD100% wire free and
free cloud storage
Amazon Discount

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What Are Pet Cameras? Why Do You Need Them?

Pet cameras are an easy and fun way for you to see, talk to and interact with your furry friends no matter where you are.

Many people get busy and wish that they could spend more time with their animals. Likewise, pets like to spend as much time with their owners as possible even though cats don’t always show it.

Pet cams are a great way to do this. Camera-specific apps for computers, smartphones or tablets allow these devices to communicate with the cameras. This puts control over the camera, alerts, speakers, treat dispenser, laser pointer or other features at your fingertips.

Along with peace of mind and strengthening bonds, pet cams can be training devices. This makes them particularly useful if you’re worried about leaving a new pup at home alone. When they do something wrong or become distressed, you can correct their bad behavior or calm them with your voice. If the camera also has a screen on it, your pets can see you too.

What Types of Pet Cameras Are There?

A camera is just a camera, right? Not exactly.

Video quality, streaming features and device features vary among pet cams.

In the end, a pet camera that works for your neighbor might not be the best option for you. Take a quick look at the main pet cam types below.

Indoor Cameras

As the name suggests, indoor cameras are designed for you to set them up inside your home. They come with different setup options. For example, you could mount them to a wall or tripod or simply set them on a flat surface such as a table, shelf, countertop or dresser.

Outdoor Cameras

Similarly, outdoor cameras are designed for you to set them up outside of your home. Most of the time, you mount them to an outside wall, usually just underneath the eaves or gutters so that you get a good view of your yard. They’re made to withstand general weather such as rain and snow but might become damaged in hail or extreme weather.

Interactive Cameras

This type of pet cam allows you to do more than just see what your pets are doing. Some interactive cameras have voice communication so that you can talk to your pets and vice versa.

A few even have screens on them so that your pets can see you too. Others include lasers that let you play with your pets.

Treat Cameras

As they sound, treat cameras are designed with dispensers that allow you to give your pets treats. There’s usually a lid that you open to load the treats inside. You might also use the dispenser for medications.

Buyer Guide for Pet Cams

Within the above pet cam categories are many options to consider for your home. To help you determine which features are the best for your needs, we’ve listed the findings from our pet camera review. It includes a look at the features that set the standard for the best in pet monitoring.

Real-Time Video Streaming

One of the most important features for pet cams is live streaming. Without it, there’s not much use in having a camera to monitor your furry friends.

Normal surveillance cameras give you insight into what your pets do all day. However, most of them only record video rather than stream what’s happening in real time.

Only live-streaming cameras have the potential to let you interact with your pets as well.

Night Vision

If you work night shifts or decide to go out at night, you’ll need night vision to see your pets while you’re gone. With most night vision pet cameras, the video quality looks a little fuzzy while you use this feature. However, you can still clearly tell what you’re pets are doing.

Voice Recognition

Being able to talk to your pets is a wonderful feature. A lot of pet cams have microphones and speakers so that your pets can hear and talk to you.

The pet cams also send alerts to your phone when they pick up barking or other loud noises. These notify you when your animals detect something or feel distressed. You can then use the mobile app to find out what’s happening and sooth your pets.


Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are very useful when you put pet cameras in certain rooms where your pets aren’t allowed. On the other hand, they’re perfect for detecting if your pets leave the room in which they’re supposed to stay. The pet cam will activate and send a notification to your phone to alert you.

Treat Dispensers

As one of the newest developments for pet cameras, treat dispensers give you the chance to reward your pets throughout the day. Being able to give your animals treats is a great way to train them. It’s also fun to spoil your animals every now and then.

Do you forget to give your pets their medicine before you leave for work? Instead of using the dispenser for treats, use it for medications. Now you never have to worry about missing a dose.

Here is an example Treat Dispenser in action:

Laser Pointers

Our pet camera review found that laser pointers are one of the funnest features for pet cameras. Cats definitely go crazy when they see the red light shining on and moving around the floor and walls.

You control the laser pointer from the mobile app or use an automatic feature that does it for you.

However, be careful about using the laser with dogs because it makes some of them anxious.

Other Unique Features

Some pet cameras throw in other features that keep your animals safe. A monitor and alerts for carbon monoxide or other chemicals are one unique feature. Another is sensors that detect humidity levels and temperature in your home.

Why You Should Buy a Pet Camera

Our pet camera review found that having a pet cam offers many benefits and is a good investment in general. It’s great for purely satisfying your curiosity about what your pets do all day while you’re gone. It also gives you peace of mind if you worry about how your pets get along. This is particularly beneficial if you’ve added a new furry friend to the family.

Do you ever return home to find a surprise? Maybe one of your pets chewed up your furniture or shoes. It might not be easy to tell which one did it, but having a pet cam can solve that mystery. If one of your animals is peeing in certain areas of your home, there might be a medical condition that you don’t know about. Catching it on camera could help you and the vet figure it out.

Have you ever come home to find that one of your pets is injured? Hopefully this isn’t the case. With a pet cam, however, your furry companion doesn’t have to wait until you normally get home to get help. If there’s an emergency, you might be able to call an emergency vet or appropriate service for help.

Is It Easy to Set Up a Pet Camera?

For our pet camera review, setup was rather painless. Some of products even guarantee that it only takes 60 seconds. This is mainly because the only cord involved is an AC adapter to power the camera. Everything else is wireless. Gone are the days of setting up recording systems and storage units.

After you find the perfect spot to set up your camera, plug it into a nearby power outlet. Download the app for your computer or mobile device, and follow the setup instructions on the screen. Other than adjusting the preference for your camera through the app, that’s all setup requires.