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Kittyo Review

If you’re a cat owner, chances are you’ve wondered what your kitty gets up to when you’re not at home. The Kittyo was designed to let you know just what your feline does when you’re not around.

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This small pod allows you to speak to your kitty, give it treats, use a laser pointer and watch your cat play via an app that works on Apple and Android devices. The Kittyo is easy to set up, works through a wireless connection and is a great way to stay in touch with your pet no matter where you are.

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There’s a lot of great things about the Kittyo, and it works just as described –

  • Allowing you to play with your cat and reward it with treats with an easy to use phone app.
  • The unit comes with sticky tabs that ensure that even the most playful kitty can’t knock it over.
  • It has a very solid 720p resolution camera
  • It also lets you set up and play sounds so that your kitty will come running to the Kittyo when you want to see how he or she is doing.
  • There’s really only one significant potential downside to the Kittyo. If you aren’t reasonably tech savvy, you may struggle to set up the unit since it involves first connecting your phone to the unit’s network and then using the Kittyo app to connect the unit to your home’s wireless network.


The Kittyo is a pretty small unit – it’s just nine inches tall and five inches across – and there’s not a lot to set up. Along with the unit, you’ll get a power supply and a user guide. Also included are 3M Command adhesive strips and a mounting plate. These strips are very strong and durable, so they ensure that your kitty can’t knock the unit over.

Short Intro

The Kittyo is designed specifically for cat owners, and it allows you to play with and keep an eye on your kitty from an easy to use phone app. Whether you’re on vacation or simply want to check in on your furry friend from work, the Kittyo lets you keep tabs on your cat.

What is included

Kittyo unit
Power supply
User guide
Mounting plate
3m Command Adhesive Strips

Design / Highlights

The Kittyo allows you to take pictures and videos, and it also comes with a laser pointer that lets you play with your kitty no matter where you are. It also has a treat carousel, which can hold eight different types of treats, and it lets you to give your kitty rewards even when you’re not at home.

The Kittyo has a speaker and a microphone, so you can talk to your kitty through an app on your phone, and you can hear your cat meow back. There are also a number of sounds that can be played through the speaker, so you can let your cat know when to come to the unit.

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Technical Features

The Kittyo has a 720p resolution camera, allowing you to take photos and capture videos that are 1280 by 720 pixels.

Another great thing about this pet camera is that multiple users can access the unit, so if you have roommates or a significant other, they can use the Kittyo as well.

Since the Kittyo is specifically designed for cats, it comes with a laser pointer. The pointer can be controlled manually through the Kittyo app, but you can also set it to follow a pre-set pattern.

The Kittyo will easily connect to most home networks, but you should be aware that it will not connect to 5.0 GHz networks, hidden networks or networks using WEP2 encryption.

You’ll need to install the Kittyo app on your phone to be able to connect your unit to your home’s wireless network. The setup process can be confusing because it’s a multi-step process, and you can’t just connect your unit to your network the way you can with most wireless devices.

Since the Kittyo uses a class 3R laser, it’s safe for both human and animal eyes. For additional safety, the laser will shut off after a few seconds if you’re not using it.

More than one user can connect to the Kittyo by installing the phone app and logging in with your unit’s username and password.

Performance Review

Once you’re able to connect your Kittyo to your home’s wireless network, you should have no problems.

It works well, the app is very easy to use, and there are a number of fun ways to interact with your kitty through the unit. The ability to dispense treats and control a laser pointer makes the unit a great source of fun for most cats.

Additionally, the unit features a speaker that allows you to talk to your kitty and play a sound to let your kitty know to come to the unit. While the unit itself isn’t overwhelmingly sturdy, the mounting plate ensures that even the most rambunctious feline will have problems doing damage to it.

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Final Verdict

The Kittyo isn’t cheap, but if you’re looking for a solid pet cam designed for cats, this is a very good choice. It has robust features, works well, doesn’t seem to have any technical problems, and it’s great if you’re away from home and want to keep tabs on your kitty.

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