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Piper NV Camera Review

The Piper NV is an indoor security and pet camera, and one of the best web-linked security cameras currently on the market. It is also a home automation system, featuring various sensors and for controlling various home devices.

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Launched in 2015, it is an upgraded version of the earlier Piper unit, which is commonly known as the Piper Classic. The Piper Classic had various setbacks, including poor image quality and lack of night vision functionality.

However, all that has changed, with the Piper NV. It comes with an improved image quality, Z-Wave accessory controller and night vision as well.

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The Piper nv comes with numerous advantages. Some of the benefits include

  • easy installation,
  • multiple security modes,
  • integrated alarm system,
  • night vision,
  • Excellent HD image,
  • plan zoom and tilt functions
  • it can integrate with Z-Wave devices. This means that you can use it in a wide range of uses, to monitor your pet’s movements, both day and night.
  • Cons

    It comes with various drawbacks such as

  • lack of local storage and lack of a web app.
  • It is also quite pricy, when compared to similar devices on the market.

  • Unboxing 150

    The best way to determine how a device performs is to remove it out of the box and use it. Its packaging is quite uninspiring. So, what do you find inside the box? Inside the box, you find the unit itself, with a pre-fitted stand and a power supply. Its power supply plugs at the rear. Furthermore, the cable is rerouted to keep things tidy and compact. This device only comes with a simple power button.
    Piper NV Camera Review


    The Piper nv comes in black and white and features a glossy, curved exterior. It can records images and videos in HD 1920×1080 and provides night vision, tilts, pans as well as digital zooming. The camera comes with a 180 degree field of view, giving it the ability of capturing large areas when the need arises. The Piper nv can detect sound and motion, and is further backed by a 2-way audio.

    Apart from being a camera, this is a lifestyle system. It features a Z-Wave radio, which offers home automation control, as well as sensors that control temperature, sound, light, humidity. The Piper nv is surprisingly versatile.

    One design aspect that was carefully thought out, is the power input. Similar to other systems, the Piper nv works when connected to a power supply. However, what would happen if an intruder comes to your house, and disconnects the power supply?

    That is where this device comes in. It has backup AA batteries, which keeps it fully operational. This means that when it has been unplugged from the power source, you will immediately receive a notification on your device, telling you that the device has been unplugged.

    It also comes with extra options when it comes to power. It features a detachable metal stand, which you can place on a desk or shelf. However, it can be screwed permanently on a wall. Whichever way you choose to use the Piper nv, you are assured of round-the-clock home surveillance and security.

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    Technical Features

    Compared to similar devices in the market, the Piper nv is superior in terms of range of features. It is a home automation system, a video-monitoring system and a home security system. It features four main modes, which are Stay, Vacation, Away and Notify. All the modes are identical, although you can configure the device based on user-defined rules.
    Piper NV Camera Review

    Using these user-defined rules, the device can notify you through email, push notification, phone call, or even a text message, immediately it detects loud noises, movement or temperature changes.

    In addition, you can program it to start recording video or even send notifications to friends or relatives, when your primary communication is unresponsive. This device also comes with an inbuilt alarm, which can be linked with the sensor. You can even program it to emit an ear-splitting, loud decibel, every time it detects sound or movement.

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    Final Verdict

    Piper NV is a reliable unit to enhance monitor your pets, anytime at home. If you want to keep out intruders and keep your pets safe, this is the device for you. It is not a simple home security camera but a total home solution, which gives you complete freedom. It allows you to add Z-Wave compatible devices, to your home security system, which allows you to monitor your home at all times. It might be more expensive than similar devices on the market, but it definitely offers value for money. Its combination of automation and security is quite hard to beat.

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